Behind Sex Addiction- My Little Black Diary

Have you ever had sex so uninspiring that the only title you can come up with is “Meh”? Probably not, not many people are in the habit of writing about their sexual escapades, let alone giving them a title. But yeah, Meh.

So my white friend calls me the other day, and by friend I mean ‘the guy I mistakenly fucked once only to prove that I can’t fuck white guys’. He’s a sweet guy, we actually became good friends once he got over the fact that haha, nope. He’s in a solid open marriage that black guys are a big part of, so when he mentioned his new giant black friend, I was the one who was curious to hear more.

And not because I was missing anything. I was actually feeling great, mentally and physically, still trying to figure out where my previous adventure had put me, in…

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