9 Reasons Fit Women Have Better Sex

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What do you know about sex?


As long as sex is dealt with in the current confusion of ignorance and sophistication, denial and indulgence, suppression and stimulation, punishment and exploitation, secrecy and display, it will be associated with a duplicity and indecency that lead neither to intellectual honesty nor human dignity.

Most parents fear that if teachers talk to teens about sex in a classroom, the information will somehow trigger their interest in it–as if teens have not heard of sex before taking a health class on it.”

For many children and teenagers, sex education class provides the only place they can hope to receive accurate, non-judgmental information about their bodies, untainted by religion, politics, or the entertainment and advertising industries. Sex is a natural and integral part of life, and young people must have the subject demystified in order to come to their own conclusions about what is and isn’t healthy behavior.

Most sex ed…

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TANTRA: Different Approaches

With Angel Wings



Tantra is sometimes divided into right and left hand. The so called “right hand Tantra” contains a series of physical and mental techniques that have very positive effects over health and well being, control of energies, harmonization of emotions, discipline and focalization of the mind. It also uses sacred geometry (yantra) and sacred words (mantra) which are tools for entering into resonance with the forces of the macrocosm. 

In the “left hand” Tantric practice, the sexual re-absorption allows for the conversion and elevation of the huge sexual potential, producing rapid and beneficial transformation of the human being. This transformation can be achieved either by being sexually abstinent in conjunction with Hatha Yoga techniques or by being sexually ‘continent’ (not discharging the sexual energy, but retaining it), and over time producing a gradual elevation of consciousness until it reaches the state of supreme ecstasy…

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Study: Hypersexuality In Women Linked To High Porn Use


ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)? According to a new study, women who have sex so frequently that it causes problems may be linked to high rates of masturbation and pornography use.

?A high number of myths concerning female hypersexuality still exist,? the authors toldLiveScience.

The researchers asked almost 1,000 women in Germany how much they masturbated or watched porn, and how many sexual partners they had. Most of the women surveyed were college students.

The participants answered questions called Hypersexual Behavior Inventory, which includes 19 questions about how often a person uses sex to cope with emotional problems, whether engaging in sexual activity is outside one?s control and whether this sexual activity interferes with one?s work or school.

According to older studies, scoring high on that questionnaire meant one needed therapy. According to this study, about 3 percent were classified as hypersexual, LiveScience reports.

The results showed that the…

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Behind Sex Addiction- My Little Black Diary

Have you ever had sex so uninspiring that the only title you can come up with is “Meh”? Probably not, not many people are in the habit of writing about their sexual escapades, let alone giving them a title. But yeah, Meh.

So my white friend calls me the other day, and by friend I mean ‘the guy I mistakenly fucked once only to prove that I can’t fuck white guys’. He’s a sweet guy, we actually became good friends once he got over the fact that haha, nope. He’s in a solid open marriage that black guys are a big part of, so when he mentioned his new giant black friend, I was the one who was curious to hear more.

And not because I was missing anything. I was actually feeling great, mentally and physically, still trying to figure out where my previous adventure had put me, in…

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